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Members and Friends, Richard Newnham Lost his Sister today not only has Richard who lost his Son early on 1st Jan 2018 but lost his Sister today, as you can imagine losing a family member is bad enough But losing two of your family one son and a Sister can be the worse anyone can could suffer in such a short time of 2018.

The Funeral For Richard Jr is being held on Saturday 27th January at The Oaks Havant crematorium, Bartons rd, PO9 5NA at 11:30am and afterwards at the Phoenix Club Waterlooville Friends are welcome to attend to help Richard and Claire and the family through this time of great sorrow. Flowers from Family only please Donations to "Forever Together" 8 Charlotte street, Portsmouth or if you pref a Donation Tube will be available at the Service.

Richard we can only hope having Claire by your side will help you through this, and along with Horizon your extended family. we are here to support you Richard so please do not try and deal with it yourself you only need to ask.

...... Dave and on behalf of rest of the committee.

 Members Please take Note the Committee will be changing in April so if you fancy steering the club in the right direction then please see Sue or Dave as we need members to take interest in the running of the club.
Please feel free to put any questions to any of the committee team. It's a Members not for profit Charity/club and the team want to run it for the benefit of you, the members. Let's hear from you.
So Anyone wishing to help further within the Club should speak to a committee member, as various posts are available in the sub Committee status. Volunteers are always welcome from outside of the club if anyone finds they have a spare few hours and enjoy Angling or just have time to help with Admin duties, please contact The Committee click here



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A Big thank you to Members who supported and attended the Club Dinner/ Trophy night Sat December 16th It was a Great night the meal was excellent along with the service given by the staff, the pictures will follow in the gallery once downloaded and assembled. the feedback the team received on the night and since was excellent on both the food and whole evening, we thank you all as it is the members who make the night and without you we would not have such an organisation.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas

And an even better New year see you all on the 11th January down the clubhouse.

News update ================================================================================================

Our thoughts go out to Our Members who are Incapacitated or Poorly to send them best wishes please visit this page as they will appreciate an email or two.

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Next Work Party (weather permitting) Sunday Feb 11th

If you have an Hour or more to spare then support your Club this winter by helping out clear some debris from the Lakes and banks leading to a safer more comfortable Angling experience, so rather than leave it to someone else come along and help out. The committee does not wish to make it mandatory within the rules as we would prefer it to be voluntary, so please don't leave it to someone else to do as they are our Lakes and need maintenance to be kept pristine and safe not only for us but the Disabled and Able alike who fish them, and would like to keep it that way.

Please let us know by using the "click Me" button below if you wish to attend as we supply Tea/Coffee or cold drinks if you prefer and Bacon Rolls to those who turn up, as every little helps keep it safe for others.   click Me


Meet the team behind Horizon Angling for the Disabled, empowering the disabled to take part in angling.


Mr Fred Monck

Vice Chairman

Mr Richard Newnham


Mr Dave O'Donnell


Mrs Jan Horton

Club Bailiff

Mr Paul Parkin

Associate Representative

Mrs sue O'Donnell

Head Club Bailiff

Mr Dominic Haines

Match Organiser

Mr Derek Wood


HorizonAngling Club for the Disabled is a Registered Charity that is involved in many aspects of fishing for the disabled angler and abled bodied angler alike, in addition the club is also involved in many aspects of Coarse fishing, Fly fishing and Sea angling. The club runs matches throughout the summer Months for top weight and best specimens in a friendly manner. We meet every Thursday between 16:30pm and 19:30pm (winter Months vary) at our modest club house, Unit 11/12 Bastion 3, Scott Road Hilsea, Portsmouth PO3 5JH. We have our own Private Lakes that hold a good head of large Carp, bream and Tench, The club holds exchange tickets with several local course fishing clubs. The club also organizes a "Try Fly Fishing" day as well as organizing sea angling from the local pier and from local wheelchair accessible charter boat at a reduced cost to our members Pop down and enjoy a chat or a drink everyone is welcome.

Personal Info

  •   07913 126021
  • No Correspondence this is not a Postal Address: Unit 11/12 Bastion 3, Scott Road Hilsea, Portsmouth PO3 5JH
  •   Correspondence Address: Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled C/O 47 Sharps Rd PO9 5QJ.
  • info@horizondac.co.uk.
Match Information

To all Members

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Until next Meeting on

Tuesday 27th February at Three Oaks

Tuesday 20th March at Three Oaks

sunday 08th April at Havant Lakes


In 2018 we will run the Coarse Match Meeting Competition League Points and Weights) which is open to all fishing members whether Full or Associate. There will again be a weekend League called The Havant Lakes Cup, again open to all members. Points will be awarded in events in 2018 as follows:-

First place 10 points

Second 5 points

Third 2 points

And 4th spot. 1 point

Plus 1 point for attending and 1 bonus point for best fish of the day.


To help prevent the transfer of disease between waters, please remember to dip your nets, mats and slings in disinfectant tanks where provided, and to dry nets, mats and slings before going on your next session.



Please follow any instructions given by on-site Bailiffs and Match Organiser and remember to take all litter home after fishing.


For more information, ask Derek using the form below

Coarse Match Fishing Organiser Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled

For Match Fixtures and Updates Page Click Here


When the Horizon Angling Club for the disabled first contacted WetWheels in 2015 it was always going to be the perfect partnership. The Horizon AC ticked all the boxes for our WetWheels operation. A group of enthusiastic, friendly and down to earth guys who love their boat fishing going out on our fully accessible power catamaran with an owner and skipper who also love fishing was always going to work. We at WetWheels have been looking for a club just like Horizon to use our specialist facilities on board and now we are looking forward to many more successful fishing trips in 2016 and beyond.


CEO Wetwheels
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not listening to the club instructor ended up with this poor fella having a hook bum as it is known in the sport.

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