7lb 9oz full scale mirror

Another great catch pulled from one of our lakes nice fish full scale Mirror Carp weight 7lb 9oz caught on 10mm + 8mm aniseed black/white pop-up boilie snowman style on chod rig full sun slight NE wind on lake.Dave.Young John Robinson caught a nice 3lb 2oz crucian carp pic to follow and an eel yuk guess they gotta get caught to lol. Nice days fishing Paddy never caught a thing dispute sue casting for him ha ha. Sent from my LG Mobile [gallery]

Axle sadly missed

[caption id="attachment_1676" align="aligncenter" width="300"]R.I.P Axle 2005-2016 R.I.P Axle 2005-2016[/caption]

The sight of Axle grahams  black Labrador on the banks with Graham was a normal thing and greeting people down the clubhouse was never a problem he was much loved and liked around whether on the bank or over the park but sadly he was put to sleep Friday afternoon he had 11 fantastic years and touched the hearts of most, if not all the club members he came in contact with will be sadly missed by all Rest in peace Axle....... 2005 to 2016 Sent from my LG Mobile