While England were thumping Panama 6-1, Dave thumped the rest of the competition with 2 cracking tench for a total 10lbs 6ozs. The only other fish were an eel each for Janet H (2nd) and JJ Knight (3rd) whose 1oz specimen looked like it might be enough to win until Dave’s brace of tench in the last hour. Well played Dave. Derek Wood, Match Organiser

Michael Palmer Sadly lost his Battle at 22:30 24-06-2018

Michael Palmer one of the last true Gentlemen passed away peacefully last night at 22:30 with his wife Pam by his side with great love till the end. Michael pulled through a life and death operation back last year and fought through a gruelling time only to lose that battle, but still had time for a smile and push himself to the gym and put himself through a tough workout that most would shy away from, but sadly he just could do no more.  This is such a sad tragedy that took away the nicest person I have had the pleasure to meet in years, Michael’s strength and self-discipline to his disability had given me the strength with my own Disability to put my pains and grumbles to one side as he always had the smile that just took away your worries or concerns and was an extremely proud man and angler who loved his fishing till the end. I will keep you all informed as and when I get updates from Michaels Wife Pam in due course.

Wetwheels Trip 20th june

The intrepid six from Horizon Angling Club set out on a windy,cloudy day with Mr Google promising a change later.First order of the day was trying for Mackerel but first fish was a small bass for DaveG. A couple of moves found Dave catching another bass and also a Pollack. One or two Mackerel later we moved to our fishing spot near Banbridge. The dogfish soon found our baits with Sue P finding greatest success. The new Electronic reel was well rested and enjoyed. Sue then caught an Undulate Ray before we tried a move.The sea was quite lumpy,but fishable. Jan then came to the party with a nice Thornback. All these fish were interrupted with more doggies but no other species.Final tally was Dave G winning the day followed closely behind was Sue P rest of the positions have has logged on a chart. A massive thanks to Chris who created at short notice and Keith for again providing an enjoyable outing. Sent on the move.Hon TreasurerHorizon Angling Club For The Disabled. Charity #1072157 [gallery]