Members it is that time of year again so please come and Vote or email/post your vote to me no later than 3rd April.

we have vacancies on the Committee so why not give your club a boost with the knowledge and experience you hold so that you can steer us in a new direction.

Title Existing proposed 1st proposer 2nd proposer
Chairman Fred Monck  Fred Monck Dave O’Donnell  Sue O’Donnell
V/Chairman Richard Newnham Richard Newnham Fred Monck  Dave O’Donnell
Treasurer Dave O’Donnell  Dave O’Donnell
Club Secretary Jan Horton  Jan Horton Dave O’Donnell
Match Organiser Derek Wood  Derek Wood Dave O’Donnell
Head Bailiff Dominic Haines  Dominic Haines
Bailiff Paul Parkin  Paul Parkin
Associate Rep Sue O’Donnell  Sue O’Donnell Dave O’Donnell

Members you can add yourself to the listings for consideration, as a members club the whole committee stands down every year so all posts are open for election a few considerations as the treasurer job is a trustworthy position and can only be passed down once acceptance from the HMRC ( A trustworthy to run a charity application must be submitted see Dave).

Members please do think about joining the committee even as a part time assistant to one of us as the more input the better the outcome of the club so if you have a skill or experiance in admin speak to us.

We have a Sub committee that deals with fund raising and media the positions have not been filled as yet nether has the Web design team so skills are needed.