Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled


Do you have a burning passion for angling or just enjoy the sport?

Then why not download a form and visit us at our modest clubhouse in Hilsea lines Bastion 3 Thursday evening 16:30-19:00 (winter times vary)

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AGM  went smoothly and well, the Committee has a few changes to this year by Fred standing aside to let someone else take his workload while he still stays on in an Honorary position as club President and continue his fundraising tasks. Mr Andy Farrell takes up the Chairman's role stating he will continue to support the clubs mantra for supporting the Disabled foremost. Mr Mike Waite has taken the Match Organiser role and hopefully continue in Derek's footsteps in keeping an array of Matches for the Members. membership fees need to be paid before you can take part in the Clubs activities, please be advised the end of April is the cut off point after that we will be asking for the £10 rejoining fee. A Big thank you to thise who turned up to Support your club and vote on what matters and for your committee members to run the club on your behalf.


Anyone wishing to help further within the Club should speak to a committee member, as various posts are available in the sub and main Committee status. Volunteers are always welcome from outside of the club if anyone finds they have a spare few hours and enjoy Angling or just have time to help with Admin duties, please contact Dave click here


Anyone wishing to help with the design and updating of the clubs website please speak to Dave or use the contact section below anyone outside of the club who may wish to make there stamp in the digital world with expertise in WordPress css and php who wish to help get in touch



Raffle Winners can be found by clicking Here!


Members the Work Party was covered by the usual Members and big thanks to those who turned up as you achieved far more than we expected to get done. The Next work Party will be soon after the next Match date in April 28th alt Date if Raining 5th May.
A work Party to clean and clear out the shed will be needed all those who wish to help please see Paul or Sue down the clubhouse, Volunteers will be needed to paint.

Those willing to give up some time to support your clubs waters will be gratefully received, the Usual Bacon roll and Tea/Coffee or cold refreshments for those who take part. we don't expect miracles just a small amount what ever you can manage as every little bit counts and less for others to do. if you can let the Club Bailiff know by clicking here


We wish to thank all those who supported the Project on the Lakes the addition of fish predation islands and Marginal Islands have made a big difference to our lakes adding oxygenating plants on coir matting that will provide a haven for fish cover and bug life to thrive,  A web page will be added ASAP.

big thanks to Paul Bailiff and Sue the associate rep for moving and installing the left over coir matting in the margins adding plant life to the margins between pegs.

A big thank you to the Team from the Environment Agency who netted the lake for a fish stock many thanks for all those who assisted in this making the whole process safe and secure for our stock.


Members and Viewers alike please take the time to support us by clicking our sponsor link on the main section above or from the menu links along the top as it helps keep this website going and hope to support what we are all about .

Meet the Management Team for Horizon

All unpaid Volunteers who are committed to supporting the Disabled Angler.



Andy Has shown great promise and Loyalty towards the club and its Mantra and vows to keep and support the club ideals and what it stands for.

Richard Newnham

Vice Chairman

Richard was voted onto the committee in late summer 2015, and brings great knowledge and calming to the table

Dave O'Donnell


Dave Was voted on the committee April 2015 as club Secretary and has worked hard to move up to the treasurer position and has proved himself worthy of such a trusted position.



Jane has been a member for a while now and has helped the club behind the scenes and is going to be a great asset to the Club and its members .


Match organiser

Mike has been part of the Team for the past year along with Derek and john and now taken the role over.

Dominic Haines

Head Bailiff

Dom joined Horizon in 2016 and stepped up to take over the Head Bailiff Job in 2017 due to his vast experience and Bio-Security Management skills and over see's the work on our lakes with Paul

Sue O'Donnell

Associate Members Representative

Sue joined the committee back in 2015 and as a keen helper sue is not only respected member but an asset not only to the committee but the members alike approachable and caring. Sue takes her job seriously.

Paul Parkin

Club Bailiff

Paul Joined with his wife sue and has demonstrated his experience and compassion as an angler and his position on fish care has impressed the committee in 2017 that they offered Paul the job of club Bailiff and has overseen the work parties on our lakes ever since.

Fred Monck

Club President

Fred has been a valuable member of Horizon Team and has now stepped aside to let someone else take the Rains of the club, and staying on the committee in an advisory role and continue to source funds for our association.



HorizonAngling Club for the Disabled is a Registered Charity that is involved in many aspects of fishing for the disabled angler and abled bodied angler alike, in addition the club is also involved in many aspects of Coarse fishing, Fly fishing and Sea angling. The club runs matches throughout the summer Months for top weight and best specimens in a friendly manner. We meet every Thursday between 16:30pm and 19:30pm (winter Months vary) at our modest club house, Unit 11/12 Bastion 3, Scott Road Hilsea, Portsmouth PO3 5JH. We have our own Private Lakes that hold a good head of large Carp, bream and Tench, The club holds exchange tickets with several local course fishing clubs. The club also organizes a "Try Fly Fishing" day as well as organizing sea angling from the local pier and from local wheelchair accessible charter boat at a reduced cost to our members Pop down and enjoy a chat or a drink everyone is welcome.

Personal Info

  •   02392 454739
  •   unit 11/12 Bastion 3, Scott Road Hilsea, Portsmouth PO3 5JH.
    Correspondence Address
    C/O 47 Sharps Rd PO9 5QJ
  •   info@horizondac.co.uk


When the Horizon Angling Club for the disabled first contacted WetWheels in 2015 it was always going to be the perfect partnership. The Horizon AC ticked all the boxes for our WetWheels operation. A group of enthusiastic, friendly and down to earth guys who love their boat fishing going out on our fully accessible power catamaran with an owner and skipper who also love fishing was always going to work. We at WetWheels have been looking for a club just like Horizon to use our specialist facilities on board and now we are looking forward to many more successful fishing trips in 2016 and beyond.
Geoff Holt

Geoff Holt

CEO Wetwheels
So welcoming and they couldn't be more helpful. I can drop my disabled husband there, knowing they will help him if he needs help. And it's great for him to be amongst like minded people, enjoying the outdoors.
Pam Palmer

Pam Palmer

Loving Wife of Mike Palmer
Horizon Angling Club is fantastic, they allow people with disabilities to partake in angling and have regular events, what a great bunch!
Club Member

Club Member


To all Members

  • Days

  • Hours

  • Minutes

  • Seconds

Left till Meeting 06

6th Match at Havant 12th May

7th Match at Hambrook 14th May

8th Match at 21st May at Three Oaks


Tuesday 30th April Choller Farm Trip now full


Please get use to Dipping your nets, slings and mats before fishing basic prevention all anglers should be doing. In the event of no Dipping Tanks all nets and Gear should be Completely dry not damp before fishing commences to aid Bio-Security measures.


This year, due to a fewer number of Associate Members who fish Match Meetings, we will run one course Match Meeting Competition League which will be open to all members whether Full or Associate. There will be a new Havant Lakes Cup which, we feel, will be advantage to all members who can only make it to weekend match meetings.


Any fish deemed to small to weigh individually, will now be counted as one ounce. A small wet Cotton bag with a handle can easily be used to weigh a small fish safely before being returned to the water unharmed. (1st one provided by the club please Ask Dave or Sue for one if lost you will need to replace it as the use of Plastic bags are now banned by Hambrook and HorizonDAC)


To help prevent the transfer of disease between waters, please remember to completely Dry or if possible dip your Nets, Mats and Slings before going to your next session


Please follow any instruction given by on-site Bailiffs and match organisers and remember to take all litter home with you after fishing.


Any Questions, Let the Match Team know using the form below.

:^') Cheers

Coarse Match Fishing Organiser Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled

For 2019 Match updates Page Please Click Here


"Potential new Members should note that they would need to arrange their own transport to and from matches and those requiring a Carer would need to be accompanied by a helper as Horizon's volunteers cannot provide personal care."

Full Member

£ 30 / year
  • £10 Joining Fee
  • two cover Admin
  • for club Badge and
  • membership Card
  • Limited

Club Associate

£ 10 / year
  • £10 Joining fee
  • To cover Admin
  • For club Badge and
  • Club Membership Card
  • Be prepared to assist with Full members


£ T.B.A / year
  • Membership with parents
  • and fish with suitable Adult
  • to supervise at all times
  • able or Disabled Welcome
  • could assist Full members

Contact Us

Please fee free to contact us if you have any questions regarding joining or helping out at the club
We will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours or sooner
Please fill in all of the required fields


Best wishes

Members our thoughts go out to Ron Dodd who is undergoing surgery at QA today we wish him well and hope the procedure goes well. Also to Charlie Horn he is extremely poorly and has just come out of QA and at home take good care Charlie mate.And to Tony Handcock he us still struggling with […]


Following Sunday’s Match on Club Waters:  The Final League Placings are: Points League: Club Points League Champion : Derek Wood. Club Points League Runner Up : Sue Parkin. Weight League: Club Weight League Champion : Sue Parkin. Club Weight League Runner Up : Derek Wood. The Final Weekend Points Placings are: Weekend Points League Champion: […]


The Club Champion title will go to Sue Parkin or Derek Wood on Sunday at Havant after todays match at Three Oaks was won by Derek with 9lbs 12ozs, Bernie Harberson was 2nd with 5lbs 2ozs, Mike Waite was 3rd with 4lbs 7ozs and David Goodson 4th with 2lbs 6ozs. Bernie’s 5lbs 2ozs common picked […]


The latest Horizon Match took place at Hambrook. David Goodson romped home with a weight of 34lbs 8ozs. Sue Parkin was 2nd with 11lbs 8ozs and Alan Wood was 3rd with 8lbs 6ozs. Biggest Fish Bonus Point went to Sue for her 11 lbs 8ozs mirror carp. Derek Wood, Match Organiser Sent from my iPad