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Left till Meeting 05

Our 5th 2020 Sunday Match this season so give the club some good on the Bank Support

our 5th 2020 Sunday 29th March at Havant
Our 6th 2020 Wednesday 01st April Three Oaks
our 7th 2020 Sunday 19th April at Havant
our 8th 2020 Wednesday 22nd April at three Oaks
our 9th 2020 Sunday 3rd May at Havant

Please get use to Drying your nets, slings and mats before fishing basic prevention all anglers should be doing

Please remember all litter to be taken home with you Please and follow any instructions given by the on site Bailiff or Match organiser

Members an Amendment to the 1oz rule for small fish will be implemented this season to level the playing field please make sure you all have suitable scales a basic requirement for your tackle box cost very little on the internet if you need one contact Dave if you cannot source yourself.

Peg draws will operate under the club’s new match rules where only Wheelchair and Buggy users take part in the first ‘Priority Angler’ round of peg draws. During this first round, ‘Priority Anglers’ can nominate a helper to fish the adjacent peg.

Points scoring will operate under the club’s new match rules where match points are allocated only for fish landed by ‘Priority Anglers’ (Wheelchair and Buggy users). The points system no longer applies to our lower priority anglers, however the ‘weights system’ does continue as before.

Record keeping, please remember to bring a notebook and pen for recording your catches. As per last year, at end of match, the Match Official will record your;

A)Total weight of all fish caught during the match.
B)The weight and species of your largest fish.

Members please note A “Club Specimen” is considered to be the largest fish in a species caught by a Club Member within
the season the size of the fish might not conform to National Standards so if you feel you may have such a catch then document it by taking a photo and getting someone to verify you caught it on club waters and venue make use of your mobile and take a nice picture and get a form below or at the clubhouse.

Specimen Forms can be got from the Clubhouse or by clicking the Button link Download

more info!!! ask Mike using the form below.

Any questions, Ask Mike now.


For Match results and Venue Listings click the button below.