Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled

Attention All Members

next date will be updates ASAP

Left till Meeting  06

Meeting 06 Sunday 14th May 2023 The Lilies 09:30-15:30

Meeting 07 Wednesday 24th May 2023 Barons Pond 09:30-15:30

Please get used to Drying your nets min 26″, slings, and mats before fishing basic prevention all anglers should be doing no fish bent in small nets or on the ground as nets and unhooking mats can be provided.

Please remember all litter to be taken home with you Please follow any instructions given by the on-site Bailiff or Match organizer

Members an Amendment to the 1oz rule for small fish will be implemented this season to level the playing field please make sure you all have suitable scales a basic requirement for your tackle box cost very little on the internet if you need one contact Sue if you cannot source one yourself.

Peg draws will operate under the club’s new match rules where only Wheelchair and Buggy users take part in the first ‘Priority Angler’ round of peg draws. During this first round, ‘Priority Anglers’ can nominate a helper to fish the adjacent peg.

All match participants are awarded points on the basis of Total Weight per match: Participation [1 point], Top four places [10 to 4 points], Catching but outside top four places [1 Bonus point], Heaviest fish [1 Bonus Point]

For recordkeeping, please remember to bring a notebook and pen for recording your catches. As per last year, at the end of the match, the Match Official will record your;
A)Total weight of all fish caught during the match.
B)The weight and species of your largest fish.

Members, please note A “Club Specimen” is considered to be the largest fish in a species caught by a Club Member within
the season the size of the fish might not conform to National Standards so if you feel you may have such a catch then document it by taking a photo and getting someone to verify you caught it on club waters and venue make use of your mobile and take a nice picture and get a form below or at the clubhouse.

If you wish to contact the club Match Organiser then please do so by clicking on the link below. 

Phone Mike on 07581 062628 or use the form below.

Email Match Organiser by clicking the link with as much information so he can get back to you as quickly as he can, also please leave either a contact number or email address.

Email me

Match Update 1

Four anglers arrived in time for the peg draw at 9 am, with Jan ‘bringing up the rear’ afterwards to make it five enthusiastic contestants in all.

John arrived just before 9 am to dazzle us with his brightly coloured reddish/pinkish new car, he calmly proceeded to unload his gear and then there was a shriek of horror! John’s pinkies (mini maggots) had escaped from captivity in their bait box and were wriggling around on the car boot floor, they looked like a designer addition in a fetching pink that was a surprisingly good match to the car’s paint job (lol).

At 10 am the match got underway with Mick, John and Steve getting quickly on the silvers, meanwhile, Jan and Mike were stuck in the doldrums with not a bite between them. At 11 am four took the opportunity to savour the delights of a hearty cooked breakfast at the on-site café, meanwhile Mick fished on. By midday, all had returned to the match. By match end, large numbers of silvers had come in for Mick, John and Steve, whilst Jan and Mike could only scrape 6 fish between them. Mick hit the jackpot with the heaviest total weight including the largest fish, a Bream of 1 lb 14 oz. Midway through the match, John hooked into one of those pesky ‘they don’t count’ Carp which immediately charged off to the nearest sunken tree root to effect its escape. As is often the case, Mike’s swim lit up after the match ended with several fish landing within an hour, including a 4 lb Common Carp and an 8 ozs Perch.

Two prizes were allotted to this match (top weight and largest fish) and Mick won them both, well done buddy.

Results – No match points were awarded as this was a non-league season opener, just for fun and prizes.

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