Horizon out on WetWheels 19th March 2016 Angling of Selsey fishing For Rays whilst sheltering from the force 4 NE winds and heavy swells further out, Was a great day out and once again Keith the Skipper knew what he was doing and soon had us hooked into a nice 5lb Blonde Ray caught by Dave followed by Fred catching a 4lb Thornback Ray on the ebb tide after the excitement of those two catches we had Dogfish after Dogfish with a few whiting, pouting and yet another Starfish yes a Starfish seems to be Horizons lucky charm as two were caught on last trip with Dave having one cling onto his Squid bait never mind it gave a break from the endless Dogfish we let go as many as we saved in the bin as some were quite large not my cup of tea but some like to eat them i guess once the sandpaper skins removed. The Electric Reels went down well with Aaron and Fred using one each made a big difference to being able to fish without help reeling in and the 10lb+ Undulate Ray Aaron brought in was a dream or would have been if it was not tangled up in Ron’s gear and managed to realease its self before anyone had a chance of getting it into the net  Shame as it was on the surface long enough but that’s fishing i guess. a few pictures below showing what a cracker of a day out it was.