mission Statement

Our mission statement is:

We are an inter-generational, non-racial and non-judgmental Charity organisation committed to trying to enrich the lives that disabled and their tireless Carers go through to get some respite.

Many people with a disability, particularly when it is the result of serious health problems, become isolated, they lose confidence and self-esteem, and feel on the margins of society. If they are unable to work or take part in activities they once enjoyed they can lose contact with friends and colleagues. This can affect mental and physical health and put a strain on the individual’s family or carer. All of our committee and member’s either experience a physical disability or they are the carer of someone in the group with a disability. We have a wide range of ages in our Membership; some are wheelchair users, others have experienced strokes, heart attacks, chronic arthritis and other disabling illnesses. For some the Club is the only activity they have outside of their homes, for others it gives them confidence to get involved in other activities.
Our group meets weekly to offer support, information and the chance to socialise.