Our history

Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled

Originally started in 1985 by a few like-minded people who were keen all round Anglers, some with Disabilities that meant they had to receive assistance from fellow members.
The cub really took off in 1996 when the club, now with increased membership started friendly matches and it was then that the club became a registered charity.

HorizonDAC were very fortunate to be offered a permanent clubhouse by Portsmouth City Council at Hilsea lines Bastion 3, casemates 11/12 this was and is still the clubs meeting place and the Portsmouth city council then granted a “peppercorn” rent, But sadly those days have long gone HorizonDAC now has to find funding to cover rents and rates
HorizonDAC has the benefit of exclusive access to private waters for angling within the Portsmouth and surrounding areas, including a couple of Private lakes that a well-known Company gave us exclusive rights to fish and even made the whole site easy access for wheelchair users and converted an outbuilding into accessible toilets for our members to use, We as a club maintain the waters or rather the surrounds with work parties with the company giving us valuable assistance in doing so with the harder work in and around the waters at no extra charge to the Club.

The Club is mainly for the Disabled Angler to get them out from behind those four walls socialising again and with the valuable assistance from the Associate members who are permitted to join and use the facilities of the club on the understanding that they are required to help with the work parties also Associates are primarily If required to assist the disabled Full members in carrying gear from car to nearest swim and/or assisting in landing of catches for the safety of the fish as some members have difficulty holding the catches. not a lot to ask for access to some great venues at a discounted price compared to other clubs within the area.

The Club has a good social side with barbecues and hold Raffle and tombola events to fund fish stocking.
We have a great Christmas “get together trophy/Dinner event” Now a regular feature in December at a great cost to our members who can bring family and friends if they so wish at the same costing to all members who attend.

We rely on donations from membership and Charity collection boxes to keep the club on an even keel. Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled is a Registered Charity (charity # 1072157) that is involved in many aspects of fishing for the disabled angler and able bodied angler alike, in addition the club is also involved in many aspects of Coarse fishing, Fly fishing and Sea angling. The club runs matches throughout the summer months for top weight and best specimens in a Relaxing friendly manner. We meet every Thursday between 16:30pm and 19:00pm (winter months vary) at our modest clubhouse, Unit 11/12 Bastion 3, Scott Road Hilsea, Portsmouth PO3 5JH.

We have Access too Lakes that are only fishable by our club members and HorizonDAC has spent a lot of money getting safe double over the water platform type pegs built with the help of the Environment Agency and Angling Trust, and also access to a great syndicate lake that we hold private flags for and free 7 day fishing at Hambrook for our members who produce the current Photo membership ID-cards along with reduced fee for our members who produce the current Photo membership ID-cards to a great little fishery at Denmead Three Oaks all of theses lakes have a no card no fish rule and the lake managers hold a current example of the card to produce and have been told to refuse entry to all those who do not produce a card on entry as we have had a few unscrupulous people who try to get away paying the fishery for a day ticket how sad some people are.

The club holds exchange tickets with several local coarse fishing clubs. HorizonDAC also organizes a “Try Fly Fishing” day as well as organizing sea angling from the local pier in portsmouth or Boat angling at Sea from a local Wheelchair accessible charter boat at a reduced cost to our members, this has proved a real big hit as now we have members who have never been out on a boat before due to disability wishing to take up the sport of sea fishing as they can take the wheelchair/buggy onto the Boat and enjoy a full day of fun fishing and banter along with like minded club members. Interested!!! Then why not Pop down and enjoy a chat and a drink everyone is welcome the Tea/Coffee is free as is the Chat so all welcome, you never know you may like what you see or hear and join up.