Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled


Dave O’Donnell


Dave Has shown great Loyalty towards the club and its Mantra and vows to keep and support the club ideals. Dave was voted into the role of Chairman at the AGM 6th April 2022 for a period of 5 years as part of the new Management team that the members voted for unanimously. David has worked up to this position from Secretary 2015 doing various roles including the Treasurer and data protection officer he is Passionate and sticks up for what Horizon stands for.

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Richard Newnham


Richard was voted onto the committee in late summer 2015, and brings great knowledge and calming to the table he is the foundation the club stands around and offers his vast expertise ad level-headedness to the committee meetings

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Sue O’Donnell


Sue Was voted on the committee back in April 2015 as Associate members rep and has worked hard to move up to the treasurer position and has proved herself worthy of such a trusted position Voted unanimously at the AGM on 6/04/2022 into the new Management team. Sue has proved her worth to HorizonDAC many times and is a rock that steadies the whole club holding multiple roles along with the Management of our own Lakes getting stuck in along with the rest of the volunteers needed to manage the whole site.

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Heather Titheridge


Heather has been part of HorizonDAC for many years as the wife of the previous membership secretary, Heather was unanimously voted in at this year’s AGM 06/04/2022 and holds the position in the Management team as voted for by its members 

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Steve Meades

Head Bailiff

Steve joined Horizon in 2021 and came highly recommended to take over the Head Bailiff Job. Due to his vast fish experience and knowledge. He has been fishing since childhood. Steve works alongside Andy who oversees the work on our lakes.

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Andy Farrell

Club Bailiff/Maintainance 

Andy Has shown great promise and Loyalty towards the club and its Mantra and vows to keep and support the club ideals and what it stands for. After stepping aside due to other responsibilities Andy Took over the running of our lakes he applies his knowledge and expertise to keep the Boi-security and lakeside maintenance and upkeep so the members can fish in a safe and fishable environment for the Disabled Angler this role he is very passionate about keeping the risk assessments and insurance requirements so that we stay safe and covered at all times.

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Match Organiser

Mike has been part of the Team since 2018 re-elected at this year’s AGM 06/04/2022 and has shown real promise as the match organiser he has great organizational skills and keeps the match angling side up to date-, along with organizing outings to other fisheries that he feels we could benefit by.

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Club President

Fred has been a valuable member of the Horizon Team for many years. Fred has been involved in many clubs around the south in leading roles and stepped aside back in 2018 to let someone else take the Rains of the club, Fred is staying on the committee in an advisory capacity, and continues to source funds for our association.

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Sue O’Donnell

Associate Members Representative

Sue joined the committee back in 2015 and as a keen helper sue is not only a respected member but an asset not only to the committee but to the members alike approachable and caring. Sue takes her job seriously. Her Role includes working closely with Andy and Steve on the Lake Maintainance Team often getting wet muddy and covered in lilies.

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