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The Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Members and followers a Prosperous New Year and hope that 2020 brings you you all what you wish for. We look forward to seeing our members at the Trophy Dinner and Presentation Night details below.

Thank you all who purchased Raffle tickets for this years raffle and it was a great evening for those who attended great laughs and plenty to eat the buffet was great a BIG thank you to those members who made it happen. and all those who donated Prizes and there time to bring it together.

the club will re-open this Thursday the 9th January 2020 and looking forward to all your chrismas fishing saga’s see you all there for Tea/Coffee and the normal chatting about fishing.


The Trophy Dinner and presentation Night will be held at the usual venue “Royal British Legion” Hayling Island on the 11th January 2020 this year as you all voted for it to be held after the new Year. details on Menu and seating times will be added shortly as usual Family and Friends welcome.


HAMBROOK we wish to inform you that the new owner of Hambrook has decided to close the lake to Anglers in the next couple of weeks, he has already taken over Terry’s Office and moved his Art work down to the lakeside and is not interested in any angling at all. this we were informed by Terry the Lake Manager who is also loosing his Job. i am very sorry but not to worry we have venue to replace Hambrook for the Matches and will be reaching out to other fisheries as Horizon has come along way since the previous Management and our own lakes are something to be proud of and will continue to improve esp with all the new support we have.

So i feel sad that Hambrook has now gone but will not stop Horizon from continuing its match scheduled throughout 2020 we will inform you all accordingly of what and where we are moving the dates we had at hambrook. Watch this space


Michael Palmer Memorial Match held on the 27th August 2019 at Hambrook was a good turn out thank you all who supported this important Match the club remembers Michael and Pam who turned up and was pleased with the turnout. Thank you all who came and to the winner Mr Michael Longley with an astounding 82 lb and Runner Up with a respectable 46lb Mr Mike Phillips.

thank you the Committee.


The Syndicate Lake now has its gates in operation so anyone fishing outside the farms working Hours will now need a Key Fob to open the security gates, those who wish to now fish the lake your details will need to be placed in the Security Log and flag with allocated fob will be handed out only after a refundable deposit given for the safe return of the Key fob and Flag the following Thursday.
Membership fees need to be paid before you can take part in the Clubs activities, please be advised the end of April is the cut off point after that we will be asking for the £10 rejoining fee.


Anyone wishing to help further within the Club should speak to a committee member, as various posts are available in the sub and main Committee status. Volunteers are always welcome from outside of the club if anyone finds they have a spare few hours and enjoy Angling or just have time to help with Admin duties, please contact Dave Click Me!


Anyone wishing to help with the design and updating of the clubs website please speak to Dave or use the contact section below anyone outside of the club who may wish to make there stamp in the digital world with expertise in WordPress css and php who wish to help get in touch



Raffle Winners can be found by clicking Here!  


The next weekend work party TBA for 2020

Hopefully we can get some positive support over this and winter months  to remove weed, Lillie’s and do some work on the swim/pegs so they can be clear and free of debris and long grass so we can all use them.  Those willing to help out can you please let Andy or Sue know of your interest as if we fail to get enough support we WILL have to employ persons to do so and add the costs to the membership fee’s as these are your waters and they need upkeep to make them enjoyable to all so Please stand up and help us make it work for us all to enjoy. The Usual Bacon rolls (if enough members commit and let us know and turn up) and Tea/Coffee or cold refreshments for those who take part.

Also a work Party to clean and clear out the Clubs sheds will be needed all those who wish to help please see any committee member  or Andy and Sue down the clubhouse, Volunteers will be needed to paint and fix the flooring on the new Shed.
Those willing to give up some time to support your clubs waters will be gratefully received, the Usual Bacon rolls (if enough members commit and let us know and turn up) and Tea/Coffee or cold refreshments for those who take part. we don’t expect miracles just a small amount what ever you can manage as every little bit counts and less for others to do. if you can let the Club chairman know by clicking Here! 


We wish to thank all those who supported the Project on the Lakes the addition of fish predation islands and Marginal Islands have made a big difference to our lakes adding oxygenating plants on coir matting that will provide a haven for fish cover and bug life to thrive, A web page will be added ASAP.
big thanks to Paul Bailiff and Sue the associate rep for moving and installing the left over coir matting in the margins adding plant life to the margins between pegs. A big thank you to the Team from the Environment Agency who netted the lake for a fish stock many thanks for all those who assisted in this making the whole process safe and secure for our stock.


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