Updates on Incapacitated Members

Michael Palmer Our thoughts go out to Mike And Pam, as he has had the Operation and has come through it alright, It is just the healing process to go through and get his strength back up. He is not up to having visitors at the moment but would appreciate texts if you have his contact details or email by the button at the end of the paragraph. Wish Mike by using the button here Click Me

Graham Titheridge Our thoughts go out to Heather as Graham is in QA still and the Dr’s have a diagnosis from the Latest MRI scan and sadly Diagnosed Alzheimer’s. He is on the move to Gosport Hospital and not sure of the visiting times or when Graham will be moved will update as soon as i get this information. Visiting is Welcomed for the moment and he is on C level C5 Ward room 22 Visiting times are from 14:00-20:00. Wish Graham or Heather by using the button here Click Me

Martin Hooper is now out of danger after having a Heart Valve problems they are trying medication rather than surgery, so wish him well with that now he is back at home in familiar surroundings can wish Martin all the best by clicking the button Click Me.

John Forster Hip Operation went very well, in a bit of discomfort still, but on the mend and getting about abit slowly at the moment but a start. Wish John all the best here Click Me

Andy Croucher is out of Hospital after having a procedure on his back to help with his underlying pain & Mobility problems, he has had a Spring of sorts fitted to help with this so wishing him well and hope it works for him as pain is a terrible thing to live with.. speedy recovery Mate.  Click Me

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