Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled

On Weds morning six intrepid anglers set out on the new boat. Two 325hp outboards got us to the first mark ,Bullocks Patch, trying for Bream. Eventually Colin got the first bite and landed a Pouting smaller than a Gudgeon. This christened the new boat but not the specimen Keith was hoping for.
A new mark was selected to the east of Nab tower and baits duly lowered. Keith P caught a nice Smooth hound and during the ensuing entanglement Dave landed a nice Garfish. This was used for bait and Dave promptly caught a small Tope. Fish came on a regular basis but the best was lost by Keith at the net.
When it was time to leave skipper Keith went to lift the anchor but the winch would not work. With the sea getting heavier Jan uttered a silent prayer which was answered with discovery of a loose lead. Off we sped with all hanging on tightly. few screws n bits coming loose here n there but all these were minor teething problems.
Everyone had a great day on a beautiful boat with great kit and Great Skipper & Regie the Crew.
Anglers on the boat were Sue P, Colin B ,Keith P , Jan H, Brian R, Dave G

Penned by Dave G

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