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Had a fantastic day on the Lake sue Aaron and Jeni here relaxing then Whitey decided today was the day my line shot off like a rocket fully fueled up started to reel her in bit by bit thrashing on the top like a crazed woman does oops then bang goes second rod sue got that for me another bigger carp light in colour two on wow this is my day then snap my 12lb line was not enough even with the drag set Whitey was off I was near crying but hey I still have the other one took it from sue and wham right into the lilies that are growing just my dam luck or lack of it I held on just right enough to keep it hooked but it decided to thrash and well you guessed it gone at least I had others here to witnesses the sad sad take of my two big losses why oh why do I use 12lb line I ask sighhhhhh I’m off to drown my sorrows. Club sec  Sent from my LG Mobile

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  1. Three members braved the Sunshine to venture over to Petersfield Heath for some Sunbathing oh i mean fishing, i have never met such a welcoming pleasant people as the ones who venture around the heath we meet a vast range of people stopping to ask if we caught anything yet(no longer than 5 mins apart) and staying for a chat for up to 10-15 minutes about when they were young the fish were caught on wooden canes called perch rods nothing like the Poles we have today though just a bit of twine for the line and flakes of bread………. history lessons. Have never stroked so many pet dogs and steering them away from the bait ha ha but a great day had by all three of us new friends made including the Bailiff who spent a while telling us of their plans for the next few years for the Heath Lake. the concessions were very welcoming as who can complain of £3.00 for a day’s fishing and only £5.00 for able body anglers……… stories of big carp were inevitable and dustbin lid Bream and yes i have not mentioned our catches as well ok ok we never caught a thing couple of twitches set off the bait alarms but not a thing to be proud of apart from being polite and meeting new friends, a great day out in actual yes actual sunshine I myself has a burnt forehead cheeks and chin sighhhh but well worth it for a pleasurable day on the heath Lake.
    Dave Aaron and Dennis

  2. Hi Dave, You must have some weak spots in your line buddy. I have had 38lb fighting on 12lb line mate, Possibly old line ? I change mine yearly as it can become Brittle over time and I don’t want any lost fish.

    1. yeah got it a the Big show last year tested it in garden and well rubbish can just snap it easy changed it now have flurocarbon on one to see how that fairs. but you are correct in stating it should pull in far more esp if the drag is set correctly. but i doubt i get another chance of the whitey last time she was caught was 10 years ago just myluck hard enoughin a wheel chair at it is ha ha.

  3. Well done Dave. Proves they do eat our offerings after all. Just like buses eh, nothing then 2 at once. Such a shame about Whitey though. But certainly a talking point at the club. The one that got away!

    1. yes a very very sad day for me but nevermind as you say they do thake the offerings just have to have the one they want on the day as she is not daft. butyes the two that got away sighhhhh but story of my life lol

  4. Well here is the one that i did manage to get into the net what a fighter this was but did’nt have the weight behind it as Whitey had along with the bog one that follows it around i had both on at one point sadly as our bailiff has said before stronger hooks and line it will be good if i followed his advice now. this Mirror was 6.5lb on the nose on the clubs scales and my own in great condition and huge shoulder on it will be a fantastic fish when it grows.

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